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Are there alternatives to desexing female dogs?


Earlier this year we had our beautiful (and healthy) 6 month old pure-bred Border Collie puppy desexed. A week later she had passed away due to complications and what they believe was a stroke. We are talking about getting another female puppy but obviously after the trauma and grief with our last, we are really hesitant to have any dog desexed. I was wondering if there were alternatives for female dogs other than surgery?

Thanks for your help


1 Answer

I am so sorry to about your puppies passing earlier, it must have been very difficult for all involved and I can understand your hesitation with your future puppy. Desexing a female dog, also known as ovariohysterectomy surgery is a very commonly performed procedure by veterinarians. The surgery involves removal of both the uterus and ovaries under general anaesthetic and is usually straight-forward. As with all general anaesthetics, there is some small risk but this can be reduced significantly by performing a pre-anaesthetic blood test, intraoperative intravenous fluids and ensuring that your vet uses monitoring equipment to track heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. Unfortunately there is no alternative to ovariohysterectomy surgery and the benefits of the surgery far outweigh the risks. Benefits include: elimination of unwanted pregnancies, pyometra (infection of the uterus) as well as uterine and ovarian cancers and reduction in the incidence of mammary cancer. Your puppies experience was highly unusual and certainly not something that I would expect to be repeated provided the above precautions are taken. Best of luck.


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