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Anyone one has a pet with melioidosis

as it is a rare disease in pets , i was wondering if anyone else had a pet with melioidosis or if any vets ever treated pets with i , mine almost died from it in 2014 and has had it ever since ! Any tips and experience sharing would be great ! Cheers


1 Answer


You’re absolutely right, Meliodosis is an uncommon infection of animals and people occurring mainly in northern Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. The bacteria lives in the soil and infection usually occurs through skin wounds, eating of infected soil or an infected carcas. Animals that are particularly susceptible include sheep, goats and pigs. Horses and pocket pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can also be infected. Dogs and cats usually only succumb to infection if their immune system is compromised.

Symptoms vary greatly, making diagnosis difficult. In many cases nodules develop in the skin or infected organs and symptoms follow. Infected dogs can have acute or chronic disease. Acute cases often present with fever, diarrhoea and pneumonia and chronic cases may have skin lesions and enlarged lymph nodes with anorexia and sensitivity of limbs. If left untreated infection of the blood (septicaemia) can occur. Your pet has done very well to survive the infection.

Treatment of meliodosis involves the use of numerous antibiotics, usually based on sensitivity studies or following human regimes. The antibiotic courses are quite long, continuing for months. Animals previously infected can redevelop symptoms so you need to be on the look out for this. Also remember that there is some risk of spread to humans from infected animals depending on the sight affected. I would recommend frequent reviews with your veterinarian and prompt treatment if any symptoms recur.


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