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How do Maremma dogs go with anaesthetics?


2 Answers

I have owned several Maremma's over the years and personally haven't had anaesthetic issues with mine or my maremma patients. They dont seem to be any higher anaesthetic risk compared to other large breed dogs of their size. As below I would recommend preanaesthetic blood testing, IV fluids and all the high tech anaesthetic monitoring machienes.



Maremma dogs are considered a larger breed but other than this, their ability to metabolize modern day anaesthetics is the same as any breed.

As with any dog breed, I would recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test to help identify any pre-existing diseases as well as intraoperative intravenous fluids to help maintain blood pressure whilst under anaesthetic.

It is also useful to ask your veterinarian how their patients are monitored under general anaesthetic. Items such as an apalert, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitoring are commonly used in most general practices and assist in reducing the risk of general anaesthetics.


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