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7 month old border collie breathing too fast....

My border collie Harry is breathing 60-200 plus breaths per minute. My vet has ran out of ideas. Harry had echo and ecg with no result there. He has high alkaline, protein and white blood cells in urine. He had the extra urine test direct from bladder and has no uti. He is sleeping more each day. I'm watching him deteriorate it seems and have been told to watch him for a fortnight. It's been a very tough five days since then and he needs help. I'm hoping there's a vet who specialises in border collies perhaps? The emergency vet told us to try dna testing for heart failure but our vet said his heart was fine. I'm running out of hope and would really appreciate any names or numbers or advice you could give me?

Thank you so much

Sharon Cartwright





1 Answer

Hi Sharon, I am sorry to hear about your sweet little Border Collie puppy. You are absolutely correct in wanting to see a specialist. Based on his symptoms you would be best to start with an internal medicine specialist. They have the knowledge and diagnostic equipment to be able to investigate your pups symptoms.

There are many internal medicine specialists – ask your veterinarian for the name of an internist that they recommended or do an internet search for ‘veterinary internal medicine specialists’ in your area.

Thinking of you and best of luck with your puppy.


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