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14 week old Cavoodle that is hard to settle for the night

We have a cavoodle that's near 14 weeks old. She has been sleeping in her crate only of a nightime in our bed room and lately will not settle. We inadvertently had her sleep in our bed out of frustration. My wife now want her out of the bed. I placed her day bed in our bedroom on the floor near our bed and sleeps thru the night. Last two nights. But I have to get her to sleep first by sitting with her or holding her. Last night while getting her to sleep she started lunge bitting me and digging her bedding, I think she cranky with me. Any ideas?


1 Answer


Hi Rod!

What a wonderful time in your life having a new puppy join the family! It can be a tricky time, however, until your little puppy settles into life without their mum and little mates. They are babies and it can take time for them to get used to new routines and people in their life. Saying this, putting in the hard yards now will be greatly rewarded in the long run.

I think having your little pup sleep in the crate in your bedroom is a great idea, as long as she likes her crate. If she is having trouble settling I would suggest giving her lots of exercise and play time so that the little darling is exhausted before bedtime. Another tip is to give her a puppy-safe food dispensing toy that she can have when she gets into her crate to reward and distract her initially. Having the crate near you so she can hear/smell you may help her settle also. Once she is sleeping well again you can start creeping the crate away inch by inch each night until you are happy with the sleeping arrangements. It is important to be able to respond to her during the night if she wakes and needs to toilet.

I would also suggest trying to be consistent with her to help her get used to the daily routine. Having her on the bed, then trying to get her back into the crate may make it more challenging for you in the long run.

As far as the biting and digging when you were trying to settle her, I would be very surprised if this was a sign of aggression. More likely, she is wanting to play. This could suggest she has not expended enough energy that day. This is where having lots of play (fetch/tug/food dispensing toys) and exercise time with her can help her feel more content to rest at night. If she has been sleeping all day she is unlikely to want to rest as much during the night.

It can be tricky to give advice without knowing the details of her environment and your daily routine, so having a chat to your local vet about her may help you get some more specific advice targeted to your situation.

I hope this has been helpful for you and your cute Cavoodle! They are such sweet little things! Let us know how you go with settling her at night.

Best wishes,

Dr Danni


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