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Skin irritation, vet says she might have to be put down.

Hello, I really need help or understanding of something that’s happening to my short-haired border collie. She is 10 years old and has had a weird skin irritation for maybe 3 months now, she bites her skin so much she starts bleeding and scabbing everywhere. The vet told us to put a cone on her and disinfect her wounds, which we did and when she couldn't reach the back of her because of the cone she started to bite her feet. Her feet became so red raw and swollen that she couldn't walk on them so we had to put a much bigger cone on her, the vet gave us special medicated dog biscuits to feed her and she could only eat those. The bigger cone has stopped her from being able to bite her feet but she still try’s to lick the through the cone which still causes soreness. The back of her hind legs are always open wounds because of her bed sticking to her skin, it’s the most dreadful thing to watch because I know she’s still so alive inside and the vet has told us if it goes on the best thing to do will be to put her down. She’s not ready to go, she’s still healthy and energetic it’s just this irritation that’s stopping her. I know she can get over this we just need someone to really help her, we are all trying our hardest and it’s breaking our hearts more and more each day. If there’s anything you know or could help us it would mean more than the world, thank you!


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Dog licking air all of a sudden

Hello. I am very worried about my 18mth old mini schnauzer. I have just had her to the vet who isn't quite sure what to think. I will provide some history from the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago she developed an ear infection. Vet kept her for the day for sedation as her ear was full of hair, very low near the ear drum so she had to have it removed. Sent her home with five days worth of spray. She was quite stressed from this vet stay and took a couple of days to settle back down. On the forth day after sedation her anal glands also released a number of times - which has never happened before and I put it down to the stress. She was pretty good after that and her ear healed well. I had her groomed on Friday morn just gone. Went fine but had a bit of razor burn up near her beard- was red and a little irritated. Then next day (Saturday-yesterday) morning she was a little different and scratched her neck a little and I noticed that a couple of times she would sit straight up and throw her head back and lick the air. This was only for short periods. I thought perhaps that her neck felt strange from the burn. She was fine in the arv and last night. This morn she was very annoyed by the burn area and scratched it so much that she started to bleed. From here the licking of the air has progressively become worse. She even takes herself off to sit by herself and do it. This arv I thought perhaps she was having a seizure or something so called the vet and went down after hours for an appt. he has emptied her anal glands, checked her eyes and ears which are clear. Her chest is normal and her walk and general movement and neck are fine. Nothing in her mouth or cuts on her tongue. Temp is normal. We have checks for ticks. The vet is quite perplexed and doesn't think she is having a seizure at this stage as she can look at me and react a little during the episode if I call her etc. We are unsure if it is therefore anxiety. He has given her an antibiotic injection to prevent the sore on her neck developing more along with some anti inflammatory to hopefully settle the neck feeling if it does feel odd from the burn. I have since come home and of course she is worse than ever and took herself off a couple of times to under my bed to do it. Which makes me think it may be anxiety?? Anyhow I have attached a few videos on here for you to see. Have you ever encountered this? I am calling the vet tomorrow with an update. He said the drugs will take around 12hrs to take effect. She is peaceful beside me now.Thank youSusan