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'WOOF WOOF' Double dog bowl - MIX 'n' MATCH

'WOOF WOOF' Double dog bowl - MIX 'n' MATCH

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Every Canine King & Queen deserves the best. The best spot under the dinner table, the best spot on the couch, and the best spot on the bed (right in middle). For these furry lords and ladies, one bowl isn’t enough. One Woof won’t get the job done. But two might! WOOF WOOF!

An iteration on our ultra-lux WOOF bowl, WOOF WOOF takes canine fine dining to the next level. The powder-coated steel stand rises from the ground like the points of a royal crown. Holding our crown jewel: the most glorious of pet bowls. 304 Certified food-grade stainless steel keeps the nasties away. So easy to clean, masters will be happy every day.

From Bronze to Chrome, mix and match stands and pet bowls until you discover the most lavish combination for your canine royalty. Prince and princess pups can join in on the fun too.

You know they deserve it, so only give them the best. A WOOF WOOF pet bowl from Bendo.

*Due to the nature of the Brushed Bronze Finish, fingerprints are easily visible on these bronze bowls — but easily removed with a microfibre cloth.*
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