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Little Seal Stops By Bondi Beach Butchers!


Tiny pup took a stroll through Bondi’s famous beach…

Sydney received a joyful break from the destructive storms across the city this week when a tiny seal pup cheered up a crowd in Bondi by taking a walk up a set of stairs on the famous beach.

Residents, surprised to see the tiny seal on the beach, reached for their mobile devices to capture the cute moment; with one of the videos uploaded onto Facebook by local butcher Macelleria, with the status ”Even the seals have had to get out of the water at Bondi! This little guy made a safe return to the water after a quick stop at Macelleria!! :)”

The clip has already received over 300,000 views on the social media site - you can check it out here.

Pic: Facebook/Macelleria