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Shark Feeding Frenzy


Cruise passengers and drones capture rare footage of 70 tiger sharks and their lunch…

Tourists from an eco tour have witnessed a rare feeding frenzy of up to 70 tiger sharks. The meal they were lunching on was a humpback whale carcass.

The show took place in Western Australia, without coincidence at Shark Bay, home to the largest population of tiger sharks in the world.

The spectacle was filmed by the tour company’s underwater cameras, which captured footage of the sharks as they circled the carcass before tearing off the flesh and ripping it to shreds. The eco company also captured aerial vision captured by drones to give a birds eye view of the whale buffet.

The three tour vessels and cameras went unnoticed by the tiger sharks, as their attention was directed to the deceased marine mammal. As the sharks indulged, the waters become red, turning the crystal clear water into a bloody aftermath.

Tiger sharks are apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the food chain. Apex predators play an important role in sustaining the wellbeing of their ecosystem. Tiger sharks have a reputation for attacks on humans and have been known to prey on humpback whales in the past. They can grow up to seven meters long and weigh in at 520 kilograms.

The phenomenon took place in shallow waters, at a time when whales aren’t generally documented, proving it to be a rare spectacle. The feast took place for around two hours and passengers described it as the most amazing thing they had ever seen.

The whale carcass was estimated to be 15 meters in length, weighing around 36,000 kilograms. The death of the humpback whale was unknown.

Video footage of the sharks, which has reached over half a million views, can be seen on the tour company’s Facebook page.

Photograph Eco Abrolhos