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Calls for Ellen DeGeneres to Help Save Nemo


An online campaign for talk show host to help protect one of Australia’s most iconic fish

After 13 long awaited years, the sequel to Disney’s Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, is almost here!

Since the original movie was released, demand for clownfish in pet stores has risen dramatically and much popularity has been associated with the orange and white-stripped fish. The iconic Australian clownfish has now become the worlds most sought after marine oriental fish.

As the demand for clownfish grows larger, the number of the species in the wild is dramatically reducing. Since Finding Nemo, the number of wild clownfish in countries such as the Philippines and Thailand are almost at extinction. There is also a large request for clownfish in the United States.

Through an online campaign via social media platforms such as Instagram, supporters have urged talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres to become ambassador.

Ms DeGeneres is the voice of Nemo’s counterpart and forgetful friend, Dory whom the sequel focuses on. Dory is a paracanthurus hapatus, or better yet known as a blue tang fish. With almost 60 million followers on Twitter, Ellen is the perfect candidate to raise awareness and keep the species of fish thriving in the wild.

The operation, called the Million Kisses Campaign, encourages people to take photos of themselves blowing “fish kisses” and uploading them to Instagram, tagging @theellenshow and @savingnemo_ with the hashtag #fishkiss4nemo.

Photography by Carmen Rose da Silva