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How Did Animals Evolve?

Have you ever wondered how animals evolved from water to land? The collaborative minds of Blue Sky Science, Winsconsin State Journal and the Morgridge Institute for Research explore…

Dating back through time, past the prehistoric period of dinosaurs and before anything other than the beginning of plant life existed on earth, there were organisms. These organisms lived in the water and looked very much like fish do today.

In collaboration with Wisconsin State Journal and Morgridge Institute for Research, Blue Sky Science show fossils and put together photos of the evolution of those fish-looking organisms and explains the question for those curious minds.

These animals developed fins that grew larger and larger, eventually turning into limbs, which were attached to the vertebrae. These strong attachments coming from the shoulders and hips gave the animal more stability to do things. They call this terrestrial adaptation.

Over time the rib cage formed for extra stability and structure and the limbs grew larger. This is how animals evolved from water to land.

Reasons as to why animals evolved from water to land are inconclusive but there’s the assumption it was to escape predators, find more food sources or lay eggs.

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