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Inky the Escape Artist


Octopus vanishes from the National Aquarium of New Zealand

A curious octopus who goes by the name Inky has escaped from his tank and made his way to freedom.

Inky has been described as rather ‘inquisitive’ - so it was no surprise when staff at the aquarium learnt about his getaway.

Octopuses are intelligent sea creatures that can alter the shape of their bodies to squeeze into small places. This defence mechanism has been gifted to octopuses coinciding with their lack of bones.

The National Aquarium say their strongest theory is that Inky escaped out of his tank, which was left slightly open, enough for him to squeeze out and slide down a drainpipe on his way to freedom.

Although Inky was a popular attraction at the aquarium, no major searches have been conducted.

Staff at the aquarium are more than likely confident he is back roaming around under the sea where he belongs.

Photograph: National Aquarium, New Zealand