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Maggie the World’s Oldest Dog Dies


The Victorian Kelpie passes away at the record age of 30...

The World’s Oldest Dog Maggie the Kelpie has peacefully passed away after living a long and prosperous life.

Dairy farmer and owner, Brian McLaren, went to check on her yesterday morning where he found she had passed away.

Maggie became an addition to the McLaren family at eight weeks when Brian’s son, Liam, was four years old. Liam is now 34.

Although Brian claims she might have been deaf, Maggie’s attention to time was on point. She would wake up each morning and walk down to the dairy for milk. Later in the afternoon at 4.10, she would mosey down the road and bark at the school buses driving past. Maggie also enjoyed going for strolls and napping around the farm.

Although there’s no official record of Maggie’s birthdate, she was believed to be 30 years old or entering her third century in human years.

On average, Kelpies and other dogs similar size only have a lifespan averaging 12 years, which shows how impressive Maggie’s life truly was.

As there was no paperwork to confirm Maggie’s age, Bluey, the Australian Cattle Dogs remains to hold the title of the oldest dog. Bluey lived a life of 29 years and five months.

The best way to give your pet a long lasting and healthy life is to make sure they get enough exercise, eat well and have regular vet check ups.

Photograph: Facebook