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Hatching A Plan!

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is helping a tiny chick get on her feet...

Little chick Mon Amie has had a rough start to life. While the other chickens in the Melbourne’s school hatching project cracked through their shells and hopped around, Mon Amie lay on her side, twitching.

The tiny chick was initially diagnosed as having an angular leg deformity, also known as 'splay leg' - luckily, one of the school’s parents was able to get Mon Amie to Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary in Lancefield in the Macedon Ranges, outside Melbourne.

Further investigation at Edgar’s Mission revealed the chick's condition was worse than earlier thought and little Mon Amie underwent surgery. Now, with a splint and tiny red bandages in place, the little chick has taken her first steps.

The staff and volunteers at Edgar’s Mission have started the ‘Hatching a Good Idea’ initiative to provide information on hatching chicks including watching video links of chickens hatching as well as egg hatching model kits which enable young students to receive ‘hands on’ experience with hatching.

Farm visits also provide a way for children to meet and learn about chickens in a safe environment.

For more information on Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, visit their website here