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Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile!


We’ve put together a list of happy animal facts to motivate you through the week...

Whether it’s a cute photo of a cat, a video of a dog playing tricks, animals have the capacity to make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

To make you smile and to add to the list of 'why animals are incredible', we’ve compiled a list of adorable animal facts to help you get through the week.

  • To kick off the list is none other than our own Australian White-throated snapping turtle or better yet known as the “bum-breathing turtle” as it does exactly that. These native turtles can choose to breathe out of their mouths if they want but since nature has a juvenile sense of humour, they can also get up to 70% of their oxygen out of their… butts!
  • The emotional depth of a cow has awarded these guys a place high on our list. Not only do they have mood swings and get stressed when they are separated from other cows, making them just like us – but they have best friends too. A cow's heart rate has been measured when alone, when with another cow they aren't familiar with and with cows they have a close bond with. Research shows their stress levels dramatically drop when partnered with their cow friends. Cute and a-moo-sing!
  • The words ‘happy’ and ‘poo’ should not be used in the same sentence, unless you’re talking about wombat poo. Droppings are a natural way for animals to promote mating. These short-legged marsupials leave behind them a trace of poop so other wombats can pick up their scent produced by hormones. Wombats do not have a square shaped butthole in case you were wondering. The reason why wombat poop is shaped like a cube is due to the long digestive process a wombat has and also so it doesn’t roll away.
  • One of the most adorable animal facts we have come across is otters holding hands while they’re sleeping. They do this so they don’t drift away from each other. As if they weren’t cute enough already! Otters like to stay in groups, or rafts as it’s called. They like to eat together, play together and sleep together. A raft from otters can be any number from two otters to 20. Can you imagine 20 otters holding hands and sleeping as they float down the stream? We're dying with cuteness overload!
  • The squirrel is another animal that is cute not only by appearance, but by their behaviours. Each year, the furry little creatures plant millions of trees... accidentally. Squirrels bury nuts and acorns in preparation for winter when the weather is cold and snowing. Sometimes they plant so many they forget about them. We wonder if squirrels know they are planting trees for our future generations.

Photograph Animal Picture Society

How do I toilet train my cat

I rescued an adult female, desexed cat six months ago. Apparently she’s always been an outside cat. I have another cat who is mostly indoors and I would only let outside during the day if I was home. Luna didn’t like being indoors and wasn’t using the litter tray properly. I had her confined in the bathroom for a few days to get use to it and she would go next to it, rarely in it. She will sometimes use a tray otherwise will urinate or poop on the floor. I am at wits end. I have two trays, I’ve changed the type of litter, put dirt in the tray, picked up the poop and put it in the tray to show her that where it goes. I’ve used spray in the tray to attract her to want to use the tray. I bought felliway diffuser which is meant to calm cats and have also used the rescue remedy drops in her food. I’ve recently moved house where there is a cat enclosure so she can go in and out when ever she pleases but still goes in the kitchen (as I now close the bathroom door when she started going to the toilet in there), but tonight I noticed she’s been going in the spare room if anything is left on the floor which is carpeted. So I’ve now cleared that whole room to prevent her from going to the toilet. She is still going in the kitchen. I’ve tried cleaning the area and eliminating her scent by using water and vinegar then once dry use bi carb soda and hydrogen peroxide and it has made no difference. She’s been tested for a bladder infection which came up negative. I love animals. I have another cat which she now gets along with and two dogs which she is still getting use to. I don’t know what else to do and I don’t want to give her up but feel like I will have no choice.