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Tiny Giant Panda Baby Born In Belgium Zoo

A BABY boy cub giant panda, born to a pair of Chinese pandas on loan to a Belgium wildlife park, has been hailed a miracle and is making headlines around the world.

The wriggly, hairless pink cub, which weighs only 171 grams, looks more like a mouthguard or a tiny piglet, in the first images of mother and baby.

The cub was born to proud parents six-year-old Hao Hao and her mate Xing Hui. Hao Hao’s pregnancy was only confirmed two weeks ago. The rare giant panda had been artificially inseminated.

There are only 1864 giant pandas in the world – 300 live in zoos as part of species protection plans. It is rare for pandas to reproduce in captivity and the park’s team is keeping a close eye on mum and bub who are still in the high risk period.

Mother Hao Hao, whose name means ‘kindly’, is seen here, holdling her cub in her jaws to protect it and to clean it.

The giant panda pair has been at the wildlife park outside Brussels for two years.There have been only three giant panda born in Europe in the last 20 years.