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What Is An Apex Predator?


The world’s most deadly creatures... That's what!

You may be familiar with the term ‘predator’ in relation to animals. What is an apex predator? The term ‘apex’ means top or highest. As adults, apex predators, also known as alpha or apical predators are at the top of the food chain. This means no other animals in its ecosystem can prey on them.

These lethal animals play a crucial role in regulating our ecosystem. If these animals are removed from the food chain, it can dramatically impact the way the ecosystem functions and puts many other species of animals at risk.

The way the ecosystem works is thanks to the apex baddies keeping in check the population of mesopredators. These guys are underneath the apex predators in the food chain.

Although they prey on other animals, mesopredators aren’t as deadly as their higher-ranking counterparts. They prey on other animals but are also preyed on.

If apex predators are removed from the food chain or become extinct, there is no one keeping control of smaller predators. This leaves room for smaller predators to increase in volume and prey on more vulnerable species. In turn, this may dramatically contribute to damages with the way the food chain functions.

Although at the top of the food chain and in the centre of the food web, apex assassins can be killed by other apex predators of the same or different species. Old or injured apex predators can be attacked by stronger members of it’s own species or by a group of smaller predators.

The list of apex predators consists of lions, bears, crocodiles, sharks, wolves and scorpions.

We certainly wouldn’t want to find out what would happen with all these guys in the same room!