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Rambo Circus Animals Rescued


22 animals in India rescued by animal welfare organisations and authorities...

Elephants, horses and dogs have all been rescued from Rambo International Circus in India. The operation involved members of PETA, Wildlife SOS, the police and forest departments.

The Rambo Circus has been functioning for over 25 years and is popular amongst tourists. On their website, they claim to be “India’s Biggest and Best Circus.”

Four of the elephants included in the main attraction were found constrained by spike chains, both on their front and back legs; The Rambo Circus have defended themselves against cruelty allegations.

India put a ban on using wild animals in circus performances in 2013, however many of the elephants remain in captivity from the time that law was enforced.

Animal welfare organisations such as Wildlife SOS are currently working towards rescuing the remainder of elephants used in circuses and providing the terrestrial mammals with a better life in their sanctuaries.

The rescued Rambo Circus elephants will be transported to Wildlife SOS Elephant Care Centre where they will receive veterinary care and rehabilitation.

Image: Wildlife SOS