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The World’s Largest Animals


They're big and beautiful! We take look at the larger animal kingdom...

Animals come in all sorts of shapes and size. Some are fluffy, scaly, cute and tiny.

And then some are MASSIVE! We've made a list of the biggest ones to walk our Earth and to swim in our waters. From the tallest, the heaviest, the biggest and everything in between, feast your eyes on these beasts.

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The world’s largest arthropod in the world is the spider crab. Spiders and crabs aren’t generally known to be large creatures, but by combining their powers, they’re pretty deadly in size. The leg span of the ten-legged crab can reach a span of four metres long.

The heaviest terrestrial animal to walk the Earth is the African elephant. Male elephants are much taller than their female counterparts, measuring up to 8 metres in length and 3.5 metres in height.

The size of an elephant is also its protection against predators as many animals steer clear of hunting full-grown elephants.

Way up reaching the sky is the world’s tallest animal, the giraffe. The funny looking animal’s neck alone can reach over two metres, with its length totalling 6 metres tall.

The biggest reptile in the world is none other than our very own saltwater crocodile. These scaly creatures are usually found in the Northern Territory, Australia. The length of a saltwater crocodile varies, but can range from four metres to over five metres in length. These guys are pretty heavy too weighing in at over 1000 kilograms.

In the bird family, the largest living bird is the ostrich. Although these birds can't fly, they can reach a speed of up to 70km/h. The ostrich can reach up to almost three metres tall and lays the largest eggs out of any living bird.

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If you haven’t guessed already, the world’s largest animal, ever, is the blue whale. Spanning up to 30 metres in length and weighing in at 180,000 kilograms, that’s a whole lot of whale!

To put the size of a blue whale into perspective, it’s heart alone is the size and weight of a Mini Cooper car.

We couldn't fit all of the large creatures in this article, but if you want your mind to be blown, check out the giant salamander, African giant snail and how big cane tones can grow in size.