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Live And Steaming!

'HIGHLY ADDICTIVE' live bear cams are bringing brown bear antics to a screen near you.

Armchair David Attenboroughs are able to observe the brown bears at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park in Alaska, thanks to a series of live streaming cameras.

Each year, more than one hundred brown bears converge on a 1.5km strip on Brooks River, to feed on sockeye salmon, from the longest run in the world.

Brown bears (Ursus arctos) are the only bears to regularly inhabit Katmai National Park and Preserve. Adult male bears can eat more than 30 fish in a day.

‘The brown bears of Katmai are eating machines. A Katmai bear must eat a full year’s worth of food in 6 months to ensure its survival,’ a National Parks Service spokesman said.

The best time to view the bears is from late June through the end of July and early September through mid October.

Viewers are currently enjoying bears and cubs catching salmon, playing on a grassy island and wandering around the falls.

According to the National Parks Service the fishing techniques range from ‘stand and wait’, ‘sit and wait’, ‘pirating’, ‘diving’ and ‘begging’.

The live images are captured by which has live nature cameras set up around the world.

The cameras are installed on wildlife viewing platforms and on telecommunication structures.

Photograph from National Parks Service