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Armani for Animals


Luxury brand goes fur free…

Italian designer, Giorgio Armani has responded to years of protest by animal rights activists by eliminating the use of fur for all future campaigns. The agreement by Armani will take place as of the autumn/winter collection for 2016.

The leading fashion designer made a statement earlier this year saying his decision was to direct the label’s attention to “the crucial issues of protecting and caring for the environment and animals.”

Mr Armani also noted that with technological advances, there are many alternatives to fur, which don’t partake in poor welfare conditions and contribute to the death of animals.

Many animal welfare organisations are happy with Armani’s pledge and hope other high fashion labels follow suit. The Humane Society commented on Armani’s decision by saying “killing animals for fur is never fashionable.”

The Humane Society International exposed poor living conditions of various species, which designers used for fur. These animals include foxes, raccoons and rabbits. The animals were kept in tiny cages and were subject to electric shocks and beatings with metal bars.

Armani is amongst other high fashion designers, who are now using alternatives to fur. The list includes notable designers such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Designer Stella McCartney has taken on board the complete cruelty-free philosophy by putting an end to fur, leather and the use of feather is her designs.

Photograph Chris Weeks/FilmMagic