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Joey Gets Abducted By A Wedge-Tailed Eagle


Cuejoe escapes death for the second time around...

Photograph: WA Police

Last week, Cuejoe the orphaned joey was out having a stretch when a wedge-tailed eagle unexpectedly swooped down and carried him out of the yard of a police station.

The hero of the day was senior constable Scott Mason who chased the wedge-tailed eagle and managed to save the little joey.

Cuejoe escaped with a few wounds, including a pucture wound to his chest and face, but has received medical treatment and is on his way to recovery.

The six-month old joey was rescued earlier in the year in Western Australia when his mother was hit and killed by a truck. The WA Police in Burringurrah then took him in.

A high-vis uniform is currently in the works for little Cuejoe, who frequently escorts his hero out on patrol. We hope that’s the last of the series of unfortunate events for the little guy!

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