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Comparing The Meerkat!


Learn more about the adorable critter...

Meerkats are one of the most common animals found in the African savannah. You may have fallen in love with their adorable appearance, or even by Timon’s performance in the Lion King, but don’t be fooled! You shouldn’t judge the cutie by its appearance, as Meerkats are wild and hard to tame.

Maintaining a Meerkat at a zoo is a challenge even for the experienced exotic zoo keepers. In this weeks New Bondi Vet, Dr. Chris finds this out the hard way!

Meerkats are to be kept in small, warm enclosures similar to there desert habitat. At some zoos Meerkats may actually approach onlookers, as they are use to seeing human throughout safari tours. That said, wild Meerkats are shy creatures, quick to run to cover, as they have a very large prey instinct. Therefor caution must still be maintained with the cute creatures. Meerkats will often duck for cover when an airplane, mistaking it for their main predators, eagles or hawks, as they are always on guard.

So remember, whenever you are approaching a Meerkat, proceed with caution, as the charming can be fierce when startled.

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