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Zootopia the Inspiration for China’s Latest Trend


Disney movie fans eager to get their hands on rare domestic foxes...

Finnick the fennec fox from hit Disney movie Zootopia has sparked a new trend in China with fans obsessed with getting a pet fox of their own.

The popularity of the animation has generated over $170 million in sales within the first three weeks - making it China’s highest grossing animated film of all time.

Since Zootopia hit Chinese cinemas in early March, wild animal dealers in numerous cities around the country have noticed an influx of interest in wild foxes, particularly fennec foxes.

The tiny breed of fox is distinct due to their cute faces and ears that are blown out of proportion to their body size. They are found mainly in North Africa’s Sahara, with their natural habitat being in the heat of the desert.

The demand for fennec foxes as domestic pets has sparked concern from animal welfare organisations - as it may end up contributing to conservation efforts.

Other animals that have come into trend due children’s movies include clown fish from Finding Nemo, snowy white owls from Harry Potter and Dalmatians from 101 Dalmatians.

Photograph: Wikipedia