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How To Play Safely With Your Dog

Throwing sticks and tug-o-war are great games to play with your dog right? Wrong.

Dr. Chris explains why...

"Play time for your pet is always good fun, for you and your four legged friend, but just don't forget a few ground rules.

Avoid games involving any sort of aggression as you don't want to encourage this characteristic in your pet.

Dogs are a lot like kids, they love hide and seek and chasing games, so balls and frisbees are always good.

Don't throw sticks. They can splinter and cause serious internal damage to your dog.

Try and avoid games like tug-o-war that are a contest between you and your pet. The reason? Well in your dogs eyes, this is a clear contest for dominance that could also easily result in tension in your relationship.

Although it might not seem like the most fair or democratic way to play the game, make sure at the end of the day you always win, and you're always in control. That way your dog has no choice but to see you as a person to respect and admire."

How do I toilet train my cat

I rescued an adult female, desexed cat six months ago. Apparently she’s always been an outside cat. I have another cat who is mostly indoors and I would only let outside during the day if I was home. Luna didn’t like being indoors and wasn’t using the litter tray properly. I had her confined in the bathroom for a few days to get use to it and she would go next to it, rarely in it. She will sometimes use a tray otherwise will urinate or poop on the floor. I am at wits end. I have two trays, I’ve changed the type of litter, put dirt in the tray, picked up the poop and put it in the tray to show her that where it goes. I’ve used spray in the tray to attract her to want to use the tray. I bought felliway diffuser which is meant to calm cats and have also used the rescue remedy drops in her food. I’ve recently moved house where there is a cat enclosure so she can go in and out when ever she pleases but still goes in the kitchen (as I now close the bathroom door when she started going to the toilet in there), but tonight I noticed she’s been going in the spare room if anything is left on the floor which is carpeted. So I’ve now cleared that whole room to prevent her from going to the toilet. She is still going in the kitchen. I’ve tried cleaning the area and eliminating her scent by using water and vinegar then once dry use bi carb soda and hydrogen peroxide and it has made no difference. She’s been tested for a bladder infection which came up negative. I love animals. I have another cat which she now gets along with and two dogs which she is still getting use to. I don’t know what else to do and I don’t want to give her up but feel like I will have no choice.