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How To Safely Remove Nasty Ticks From Your Pet

Dr. Chris Brown shows us how to safely remove a tick...

When you have four legs instead of two & spend your time outside in all manner of places, then chances are, you're going to pick up a couple of little nasty friends!

Ticks can be an unpleasant addition to your family - But fear not as Bondi Vet's Dr. Chris Brown shows us a few ways to help the kick that tick!

Where should you look?

Focus your attention between the toes, inside the ears, under the collar an around the face. The fact is that 80% of ticks will attach from the front legs forwards. They really like it there because down the back they run the risk of being chewed out by your dog.

Removing the tick

The temptation is just to reach in and grab it but, the thing is, it's attached by a very narrow little proboscis which anchors very firmly into the dog.

Get some tweezers and go right around the base of it where it is joined into your dog. That's its head.

Instead of pulling it straight out, actually twist it. By twisting it, you release all the little spikes that are sticking into your dog.

This will enable you to remove the tick, and not leave any behind.