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How To Deal With An Out Of Control Puppy

What to do when that out of control little puppy is up to no good?

Dr Chris shows you the sure fire way to instil some discipline into that terrorising pup.

"Puppies, you can't help but love them even in their most cheeky moments, but you have to remember that the cute puppy becomes the out of control adult. Here's a tip on how to instil discipline into a cheeky little guy like Pablo. That really hurts by the way.

From the start you've got to teach your pup right from wrong and let them know who's boss.

First up, when trouble starts, take pooch away from you and any entertainment. If outside is a little too interesting your playful pup can take time out in a quiet room inside, the laundry is ideal. And if all else fails...OK Pablo, sin bin time for you.

Don't forget the sin bin must be placed away from all distractions.

Now I know it might seem like tough love, but for the sin bin to truly work, they need to be in there for at least ten minutes, and they should only come out when they are being nice and quiet. So Pablo you might have just earned your reprieve. Let's go and play."