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Tips For Comforting Your Pets Around Loud Noises

Fireworks and lightning might be a fun for us, but they can be frightening for our pets.

Dr Chris gives you a few tips to make sure they stay calm during even the most festive of events.

"For we humans the booming noise of festive fireworks or a bout of wild weather can be exciting stuff, but for our four legged friends it's often too much, partly because their hearing is so much better than ours.

Many dogs find the sights and sounds a real freakout, in fact it can effect their behaviour so much, they might even make a run for it. If they do escape, they can face many dangers.

Now there are many ways to stop your pet from freaking out in the first place and one of my favourites would have to be desensitisation. It sounds complicated but it's actually very simple. So this sound effect CD works by initially exposing them to those fear producing sounds at a very low level, then over time you build up the volume, so when those storms or fireworks do occur, they're not such a big concern.

Another great insurance policy against your pet going missing forever is a microchip. It just sits underneath the skin here with all the necessary information in it, so if they do go missing after a storm, they'll be back to you in no time at all.

On the actual night of the fireworks or storm, the best thing to do is distract your dog. Move your pet indoors. Next, close all windows and blinds. The goal should be to create a safe zone for your pet and the laundry is almost tailor made for it. You can block out the windows to take away those flashed from the lightning, and a great tip, put the washing machine on. See that produces predictable, almost calming vibrations that cancel out those fear producing rumbles from outside.

Whatever method you choose, it should ensure your best friends never stray too far."