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How To Train Your Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash

With the dog constantly pulling on the leash, many people have a hard time walking their dogs. Dog trainer Basil Theofanides takes us through some simple commands that could make walking your dog a pleasant experience rather than a horrid affair

"Okay guys, dogs pulling - isn’t it the biggest problem? So today’s lesson I’ll be teaching you each how to walk your dogs without pulling. It’s called social walking"

"Social walk means this - dogs allowed to go out to the end of the leash. I see people doing this walking down the street. They walk along, the dog crosses this side, then goes behind, then goes this way and that way, and they’re doing a nice little dance as they are walking down the street. So the dog’s dictating to them the direction of travel and pace"

"So we are going to learn first of all how to hold our leash. Right hand goes through the loop of the leash like that, clasp the strap, left hand slide down the leash and keep your dog on the your left side. That’s our starting point"

"Can I borrow Wilson? Get his attention. Let's go good boy Wilson. So we’ve stopped, rewarded by praise, round we go to the left and we just stop here. Just proper tone and voice modulation and also apply just a quick tug on the leash."

"Make sure you use your voice. Get your tone right and I’ll be on your case until you do."

"Okay class, social walking let's go. Out to the end of the leash, relax those leads. I want to see no tension at all. Left turn, pull back and turn around your dog. Say, 'let's go' when you do, happy voice, praise them when they are walking. Don’t run after your dog, you set the pace."

"Exercise finished! Give your dogs a pat, well done. A lot of pats, they love the pats. Well done give yourself a round of applause."