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Top Tips For Toilet Training Your Puppy

It's fair to say that most dog owners do not enjoy toilet training their puppy. It can be smelly and messy. However, this is crucial step in turning your dog into a well-trained household pet.

Though it can be challenging, Dr. Melissa Meehan from Talk to the Animals offers her top tips on how to get your dog doing its doo outdoors.

Top Tips

  • Firstly, pick a suitable spot in the garden or in a park that will be their toilet area and get your pup used to going to the bathroom in the same place every time.
  • Take your pup to the toilet area straight after walking, playing, eating and the first thing in the morning.
  • Keep toilet training a calm and positive experience. Heap on the praise when your puppy successfully does their business in the right spot.
  • Unfortunately accidents will sometimes occur indoors. If this happens, do not scold or hit your dog over these mistakes. Instead when you catch them in the act say a firm “no" and take your pup outside. Let them finish their business quietly in the specified toilet area.
  • Never rub their nose in their excrement if they make a mistake. Doing so is cruel and does not help train your dog so they know better next time around.

Patience and a gentle approach is the best way to teach your puppy how to do its business outdoors.