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Rough Collie

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Synonymous with TV wonder dog ‘Lassie’, the clever Rough Collies are up there with some the brainiest of the canine world. Once used as effective herders, the Collie is nowadays a very popular choice for a house pet.

Where I'm From

Rough Collies stem from an ancient sheepdog that lived in the region around Scotland and Northern England.

In the 19th century the breed was used extensively for herding. Their popularity spiked dramatically in the 1860s when Queen Victoria visited Scotland and adopted a couple of these adorable guys.

From then on, Collies became fashionable pets all over the UK. It was in the 1950s that the breed finally reached celebrity status worldwide when the highly successful television series ‘Lassie’ was released.

Today, these clever dogs remain a popular choice with families everywhere.

What I Look Like

Rough Collies have long, abundant hair with a harsh texture. This trait is what mainly differentiates them from the soft variety.

There are four official colour varieties. The Lassie-lookalike with light and dark sable fur, the pure white, the blue merle that can have either a pale or deep shade of grey, and lastly, there is the tri-coloured, a combination of black, white and tan.

Collies also sport traditional white collars that perfectly complement their proud and sophisticated stance.

How I Act

Clever, sharp and bright are often used to describe this breed. Collies are excellent problem-solvers that love tackling all kinds of mental challenges.

They are also known to be highly sensitive creatures. Your pet will be able to pick up on your mood, so make sure you remain calm and happy around your loving friend.

Collies are an excellent choice for families with young children, as they tend to create powerful bonds with their young owners. Their herding background means they are protective and gentle creatures that are always looking to take care of children and other animals.

This breed loves people, and is endlessly devoted towards families that treat them with respect and affection.

You might want to reconsider adopting these lively dogs if you are not ready to look after a noisy pet, as Collies do tend to bark more than other breeds.

Looking After Me

Rough Collies are energetic pets that love nothing more than having a bit of a play, whether it’s a game of fetch or a run around the backyard. Make sure you take your spirited friend on long walks everyday to ensure they remain measured and healthy.

These are extremely versatile pets that can live as comfortable in a house in the country, as in an inner-city apartment. Even though Collies are able to live both indoors and outdoors, it is recommended that they have a space to exercise.

Collies are very trainable dogs, as they are both smart and obedient. Housebreaking these guys is a breeze and they generally don’t cause any trouble. However, if you repeatedly leave them unattended, they will quickly become unhappy and disruptive.

Regular grooming is a must to keep these gorgeous dogs looking nice and fresh. An extensive weekly brush is required to keep their coats clean. If you don’t think you are the kind of person who can commit to this sort of routine, you can either take your Collie to a professional groomer, or choose a breed that requires far less maintenance.

Collies are, for the most part, sturdy and healthy dogs, unfortunately though they are prone to several eye disorders such as Collie Eye Anomaly, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and cataracts.

Am I the pet for you?

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