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Love A Pug For Life

Loving pugs is a lifetime affair...

Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria founder Joanna Herceg is passionate about pugs and making sure owners are committed to caring for them for life.

Joanna and the team at Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria have been taking care of pugs for almost seven years.

“I’ve had pugs for 15 years, I used to foster for a previous pug rescue group,” Joanna said.

Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria is a foster care and charity organisation dedicated to help all pugs in need. They also put emphasis on educating the public about pugs.

The organisation also rehabilitates the flat faced pups that have been injured or have behavioural issues before finding them loving homes.

“Our rescue group’s key message is awareness, education, seek help if you need it, there’s always a solution to every problem,” Joanna said.

Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria believe in a “no kill policy” and are determined to re-home every pug, no matter how long it may take.

Pugs are extremely cute but there’s plenty more behind their squishy faces. They require lots of love and attention and also a lifetime commitment.

Pugs are a breed of dog that require extra attention due to the potential health risks of the breed.

“If you don’t have a lot of money sitting in your bank account, take out pet insurance,” Joanna said.

“For people who want to be first time pug owners, go and meet pugs. See if you like their snorty noises and how much hair they drop,” Ms Herceg said.

“There are regular meet ups every Sunday in Melbourne and Sydney. There are different also pug clubs around Australia. There are also events such as our ‘Hug a Pug day’ where you can meet a pug,” Joanna said.

If you’re ready for the commitment and are interested in adopting a rescue pug, contact Pug Rescue & Adoption Victoria via their website.

The best thing about pugs is their ‘unconditional love’,” Joanna says.

Best places to find pugs around Australia

  • Pugwood
10am every Sunday, Elsternwick Park (Head St entrance), Elwood

  • Pugbourne (Melbourne CBD)
11am every Sunday, Eastern Road/Park Street Dog Park in South Melbourne.

  • Pugmore (Inner Northen Suburbs)
11am alternating Sunday mornings, Boeing Reserve, Strathomore.

  • PugCity (Eastern Suburbs)
11am Sundays, Dobson Park, Francis Crescent, Ferntree Gully.

  • Pugsea
10:30am every Sunday, Seaford North Reserve on Railway Parade, Seaford. (Note: On warmer days they plan to meet at the beach at 9am peak times as dogs are allowed on the beach up until 10am within Frankston Council).

  • Pugwick (South East Suburbs)
10am every Sunday, Manna Gum Dog Park, Soldiers Rd, off Princes Fwy, Berwick (Melway 131 H1) just behind Beaconsfield Train Station).

  • WestSide Pugs (Western Suburbs)
Members meet twice weekly at the caged dog area, Wednesdays at 4pm and Sundays at 2pm, Presidents Park 370 McGrath road Wyndham Vale Vic 3024. Map 205 Ref: C4.

  • WhittlePug (North East Suburbs)
3pm every Sunday, The Doreen Dog Park, Corner of Fitzwilliam Drive and Valencia Blvd (6pm during daylight savings).
  • South Australian Pug Meet Ups

  • NSW Pug Meet Ups

  • WA Pug Meet Ups

Story By: Carol Cage