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Miniature Schnauzer

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With a distinctive happy disposition, Miniature Schnauzers are an ideal family pet. These incredibly versatile dogs are suited for a variety of homes, and many different lifestyles.

Where I'm From

Mini Schnauzers come from Germany where they were initially used as farm dogs. Their origins can be traced back to the mid to late 19th century as a result of crossbreeding between small Schnauzers, Affenpinschers, and even Poodles.

In 1899 the breed was officially recognised in it’s own right from other types of Schnauzers.

Initially bred to catch rats and other vermin, these Schnauzers are better known today as loyal companion dogs. Their ability to adapt to all kinds of environments, has allowed these miniature doggies to be bred for modern, suburban life.

What I Look Like

A small and sturdy build allows them to live comfortably in any type of home. Miniature Schnauzers also have small, dark eyes, that give them an irresistibly adorable look.

The word “schanuze” means “muzzle” in German, and describes the signature hairy faces of these cute dogs. Characteristic features of this breed are the beards and mustaches that frame their cute, black noses. Apart from their iconic facial hair, Mini Schnauzers also have prominent eyebrows that make them stand out from other pooches.

These double-coated dogs have an outer layer of wiry hair and a softer, smoother one underneath. Your little Schnauzer may either be black or white, or a combination of black and white or black and silver.

How I Act

Intelligent and bright, Miniature Schnauzers are incredible companion dogs who enjoy being part of the family. They are especially fond of children, as their playful and affectionate nature makes them gentle playmates for the youngest of owners.

This breed is well known for their good temper and loving personality. However, they are also bold creatures that will not hesitate to defend themselves against bigger dogs.

Their compact size makes Mini Schnauzers highly adaptable pets that are happy to accompany you in your travels. These versatile dogs can live in large, open spaces such as farms, as well as in apartments with limited room.

Looking After Me

Training your Miniature Schnauzer should be a relatively easy task, as they are obedient by nature. It is important that your doggy sees you as a firm, yet affectionate figure of authority. Be careful you are not overly soft, as spoiling these intelligent dogs can lead them to misbehave and cause problems around the home.

These spirited pets are little packets of energy that need to release all of that excitement. Frequent exercise is vital to ensure your Mini Schnauzer remains calm and relaxed for the rest of the day. Two short walks and some play sessions will be enough to keep your little buddy satisfied.

This breed can become easily overweight if they receive too generous a diet, so make sure to keep their meals small, and treat them only on occasion.

Mini Schnazuers aren’t very difficult to groom and only require a simple, daily brush, with a hair clipping twice a year. Regular trims will also help keep them looking sharp.

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