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The Havanese is a Cuban companion that sticks like glue. Seriously, they were originally bred for aristocrats laps so don't be surprised if you find them attached. Don't let their dependant nature fool you into thinking they are purely a lap dog though. They can be very energetic when it's time to play.

Where I'm From

Havanese dogs are part of the Bichon family and are close relatives of other breeds such as the Maltese and Bichon Frise. Although their ancestors hailed from the Mediterranean region, the breed was actually developed in the island nation of Cuba after European settlers brought their furry friends to the new colonies in the Americas.

These adorable dogs were solely bred as companion dogs for the rich and powerful of Cuban society. The cherished Havaneses were a favorite in the capital city of Havana, where their name originates. They quickly earned the nicknamed “perritos de falda” (skirt dogs in Spanish) as they would often be found hiding underneath the skirts of upper-class ladies.

Due to the Cuban revolution of 1959 the breed almost disappeared, but were saved from the brink of extinction by offshore breeders. By the late 20th Century their numbers had once again grown, and they became a popular house pet all over the world. Nowadays the city of Havana is once again filled with these cheeky Cuban pooches.

What I Look Like

Havaneses are compact dogs with cute drop ears and irresistible dark eyes. Their quirky, curly tail, perfectly complements their famously mischievous appearance.

Their coats are long, light and silky, and it’s this stylish look that makes the breed one of the most fashionable pets you can own. Your tiny friend can either have soft and wavy hair, or adorable tight curls.

These guys come in a great variety of shades, with solid or multi-coloured coats, including white, cream, champagne, gold, chocolate, silver, black, sable or brindle.

How I Act

They might look small and cuddly, but Havaneses are highly energetic dogs that are always ready for a play. These bouncy guys are joyful creatures that want nothing more than have some fun with you.

These happy dog are known to become deeply enamored with their owners, craving their human friends attention more than anything. It is this tendency to attach themselves to people that have earned them the name “Velcro Dog”.

Looking After Me

The key to keeping Havanese dogs looking beautiful and tidy is regular grooming by either yourself or a professional. Their coats are long and therefore require special attention and care. A nice brush two or three times a week will prevent their coats from becoming nasty and matted.

In terms of exercise, these lively pets will be grateful for long walks and a bit of a play outdoors. They are nimble creatures, so some agility training is also a good idea to keep them active and entertained.

It’s important to keep in mind that, despite their energetic disposition, Havaneses are still quite fragile. Their toy-sized bodies can be easily hurt if owners don’t handle them with the appropriate care. For this reason, it is better to wait for children to grow up a bit before adopting one of these little pooches.

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