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Cooper the Cavoodle


Meet Cooper the Cavoodle, the puppy who has taken Instagram by storm...

Cooper’s puppy dog eyes have granted him a following of over 37, 000 fans and there's no surprise why. Who could resist this little guy?

A Cavoodle is a designer breed of dog, cross between a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles. The cross between these two gentle breeds make for the perfect, fun loving puppy.

Cooper’s owner describes him as playful, with a beautiful nature. “He always tries to play bite – his tail is always wagging,” she says.

We're not sure what is cuter, his puppy dog eyes, his floppy ears or his shaggy brown coat.

Cooper the Cavoodle’s Instagram is riddled with photos of the adorable little pup at the beach, taking a bubble bath, showing off his high five skills and celebrating his birthday in a party hat.

Check out Cooper's Instagram account for more Cavoodle cuteness!

Photograph: cooper_the_cavoodle_ Instagram