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Cute. Cuddly. Sweet. Cavoodles are the epitome of a perfect designer lapdog. One of Australia's favourite designer breeds, the Cavoodle is the ideal blend between two gentle and affable dog breeds, the Miniature Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Fun and full of life, this mini-canine is the perfect addition to any-sized, any-type family home.

Where I'm From

The first designer dog breed the Labradoodle (Labradoor cross Poodle) was created in 1988 by Wally Conran at the Royal Institute for the Blind in Melbourne, Australia. A blind woman in Hawaii had requested a guide dog that would not shed due to her husband's allergies. Since then, a range of designer crossbreeds have become popular.

Once such mongrel breed now fashionable is the Cavoodle, the perfect mixture of the gentle, playful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the smart, devoted Miniature Poodle.

What I Look Like

Cavoodles have a soft, luxurious coat and can be found in a variety of colours including black, white, tan or rust, or a combination of these shades. This breed is often found with endearing large, floppy ears, big brown eyes and a round face, which gives them a fluffy toy-like appearance. However, as the Cavoodle is a designer crossbreed there is a great deal of variety to be found between puppy litters.

How I Act

Cavoodles are people dogs that often prefer the company of their human family over their canine compatriots. This can be somewhat of a problem when your Cavoodle refuses to respect your authority and sees you instead as its equal.

The best way to counteract Cavoodle attachment and any behavioural issues is to train your dog from a very young age. Gentle, repetitive instructions over a forceful approach should be enough to win them over to your will. Though positive reinforcement training needs to be consistent and might take up to a year to see permanent results.

Cavoodles were bred for their friendly and fun demeanours. They love to exercise and play though do not need a lot of room to do so. Perfect for keeping the children entertained for hours and providing plenty of amusement for the rest of the family.

Looking After Me

Cavoodles can suffer from a range of elements that stem from the health issues of their purebred parents such as eye defects and congenital heart defects. However, due to their crossbreed status they are less likely to suffer from these issues as a consequence of a more diverse gene pool.

It is advisable to check the temperament and medical history of a puppy's parents and view veterinarian clearance certificates to ensure you get a healthy dog. Be wary of uncertified backyard breeders.

After bath time Cavoodles' big, floppy ears need a good drying off to prevent possible ear infections.

Life expectancy is 10-14 years.

Cavoodles love to be fed lean meat treats in addition to their dry foods. They should be fed twice a day until they are about a year old, then once a day will suffice.

Depending on which physical traits your Cavoodle has picked up from its purebred parents its pretty coat may need brushing a few times a week, if curly-haired Poodle traits are dominant or once a week if more of a soft-haired Cavalier. Cavoodles often do not shed, so also need their fur clipped from time to time.

Cavoodles love to be pampered so the occasional trip to the dog salon might be appreciated, especially if your Cavoodle has a curly Poodle-like coat, along with regular grooming by their owners.

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