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Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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The playful Malinois is just one of four types of Belgian Shepherd, and are distinguished by their gorgeous reddish fur.

These animated dogs are excellent additions to families looking for a little excitement in their lives.

Where I'm From

Malinois were bred as herding dogs by Belgian farmers for many years, as their protective nature made them reliable for keeping sheep safe and stopping them from wandering off.

In the late 19th century, a vet called Adolphe Reul set out to establish a standard for Belgian Shepherds, only to discover that four distinct varieties existed. One of those types was the shepherd developed in the city of Malines, and were characterised by their short, tawny coats.

These Malinois were later used during WWII in different military roles such as messengers, scouts and patrol dogs. Nowadays, apart from being devoted family companions, the breed is also used by police as guard dogs, and in search and rescue operations.

What I Look Like

The trait that unifies all Malinois is their rough, reddish brown two-layered coat. They also have elegant black masks and adorable markings that they love to show-off. These proud dogs have a regal patch of long hair around their necks, that beautifully complements their noble appearance.

These pooches are muscular animals with long, athletic bodies and outstanding physical stamina. Malinois’ are very quick and agile, and can be told apart from similar breeds, such as the German Shepherd, by their slighter frame.

How I Act

These Belgian Shepherds are an attentive bunch, that quickly learn new tasks. It’s their intelligence and assertive nature which makes them extremely versatile.

Known to be extremely friendly towards people, these guys love to have a bit of a play, and enjoy keeping their owners entertained. Be ready to spend a lot of time goofing around with your pet, as they are always keen for a game.

Looking After Me

Ideally, you would brush your pet Malinois’ every week in order to get rid of any loose hairs, as well as keeping them clean and debris-free.

These active shepherds need a lot of exercise to stay fit, and you should take them out for walks every single day. A nice stroll around the beach or park for about 30 minutes should keep your Malinois in top physical condition.

Like any other breed, you should never neglect your pet. Malinois’ that feel abandoned can become deeply introverted, or even worse, they may become destructive. These affectionate friends need attention and are not suitable for people who work all day or travel often.

It is extremely important that your Malinois is socialised from a very young age, otherwise, their protective instinct might kick in, and they can act aggressively towards strangers.

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