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Why Does A Dog's Pee Ruin Your Lawn?

The distinct yellow patch on the lawn is a blight for any budding green thumb.
Dr. Mel shows you a few tips to stop the stains...

"Our poor old lawns cop a beating at the best of times, and if you've got a dog, or two, then you might have the added problem of urine stains.

When dogs have a twinkle, the nitrogen in their urine burns the grass, creating that unsightly, telltale yellow patch. Watering immediately will definitely help, but current restrictions make this impractical.

Another method is to feed less animal protein in the form of raw meat to your dog. This can help decrease nitrogen levels in the urine.

Water also contains nitrogen, so you can try dog rocks in their bowl. Rinse the rocks first, then place them in the water where they safely filter out the nitrogen.

Now there's no reason why you can't have pets, and beautiful green lawns."