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No more Jumping

Dog Trainer Basil Theofanides teaches some dogs how to stop jumping on people though an easy to follow process.

“G'day everybody and welcome to ‘problem solving’. This is the session you’ve obviously been waiting for. You know how many people ring me up and say my dog is really, really good but the biggest problem I have is he jumps on everybody. But you know the biggest problem is it’s not the dog, who do you think it is? It’s you guys because you guys make all the mistakes. It’s not necessarily just you guys, it’s also your friends, your visitors, anybody that has dealings with your dogs tends to make the same mistake.”

“The other thing is that you might walk out with dirty clothes on one day or your afternoon clothes that you’re going to go in the garden with. Your dog jumps on you who cares? So what you're actually doing is reinforcing the bad behaviour you are actually trying to do. But then you walk out in your best and you tell your dog off. Well the poor dog doesn't know the difference does he? So you have a very confused dog.”

“This is what you will need to start doing when you get home. When you first go home and I know its hard because you haven’t seen your dog all day and you love your dog, when you walk home ignore your dog for the next 10 - 15 minutes. He’s going to be up there jumping and carrying on because that is what he used to but you still ignore him, walk around, make yourself a cup of coffee, sit down, read a book but the point being is that if he jumps he gets nothing out of it. Then he will calm down.”

“Only when he calms do you then say 'you're a good boy' but keep it calm and quiet. People say to me ‘but I haven’t seen him all day, I love him!’ Sure but you want to stop the jumping problem right? So who's got little tackers? What have you got?”

“A 3 year old and a 6 year old”

“Of course, they probably get bowled over and I bet you they don’t even want to have anything to do with this guy because there is no relationship then is there. He doesn’t mean to.”

“We can’t let him in because of that.”

“So we need to stop this and it really becomes antisocial behaviour and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got little dogs, big dogs make sure you get this right out of your dog straight away.”

“This is something you can do as well where the dog jumps on you. You can give your dog eye contact and do this, have a look. (growls) Noo! What am I just doing?

“A growl.”

“But what are you seeing?”

“Eye contact”

“Eye contact, facial expression changes. Have a look I’m raising myself and that’s exactly what the pack leader does. What the dominant dog will do to the insubordinate dog who wants to jumps all over it is eyeballs and growls. It doesn’t say 'no get off me; and then the dog is going to learn because the next thing is I’m going to give you a little bite and then you will really know so its important that you try and use these techniques as well. Okay Jennifer so let's see what happens when I and come up to you.

G’day Jennifer how you going? (Growls) No. That’s a good boy. But if the jumping starts again you cease touching, you cease giving him any attention. So let's try it one more time?

Hello Jennifer, g’day Charlie how are you mate? How you going? How are you? (Growls) No! Good Boy. (Growls) No! Good boy. Nice and calm, not yelling and then ‘good boy’, patting gently. Calmness is the key here.”

“What about the technique of putting your knee up?”

“We just don’t do it any more. It can actually crack the chest so we just don’t use it. There are better techniques like the ones I've shown you. Okay so I reckon if you could do it I want you now to place your hand over your heart, put your hand over your heart and repeat after me. ‘I do solemnly swear that I will listen to Basil the dog trainer because he knows what he is talking about.’ Absolutely thank you very much. If you do that I guarantee you will get the results you want with your dogs, well done guys.”