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How To Cater For Your Pet's First-Aid Needs

With a few simple additions, your basic med kit can cover your pet friends as well. Dr Chris shows you what you need...

"Most homes have a basic human first aid kit, but with a few simple modifications, this could become your best mate's, best friend.

Two must haves for your med kit are a torch and a pair of pliers. A torch is very handy for seeing anything that might be stuck in the back of their throat, while the pliers are extremely useful at removing them.

Tweezers, or splinter probes are great for removing thorns or bits of glass stuck in paw pads.

Disposable gloves are a must, especially if there's blood or even more unpleasant fluids.

Bandages are great for cuts and abrasions.

And remember, human antiseptics and painkillers are toxic to pets.

Of course a trip to the vet is always the safest way to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. Isn't that right Codes?"