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How To Reduce Your Dog's Flatulence

Dog flatulence is unfortunately a common issue. Dr Chris gives you some helpful hints to stop the stench...

"Oh Cody, that's awful. Yep flatulence, it's a fact of life if you own a dog, but some dogs can be more on the nose than others.

So here are some tips, firstly, diet. Check their dry food contains mainly meat protein and not the vegetable kind. Now vegetable protein is a lot harder to digest, meaning your dog is going to produce a lot more gas.

Also, don't let them overeat or change their diet suddenly. This will only increase the problem.

Exercise is also helpful, because it gets everything moving and keeps the smells outside, instead of inside.

And if all else fails, than these (anti-flatulence pills) could be a very handy last resort.

And of course a full vet check will make sure that the problem isn't as sinister as that smell. Oh Cody, awful."