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How Your Pet Can Benefit Your Health

While you're looking after your little mate, they are also helping you to keep fit and healthy.

Dr Chris shows you some of the ways your pet benefits your life...

Physical exercise is extremely important, and our pets offer us the perfect excuse to get out and about. Walking the dog is more valuable than you may think, and even a short walk every day is enough to stay in shape.

Studies show that when owners exercise with their pets, they both lose weight more effectively. Pet owners visit the doctor less, have lower cholesterol, handle stress better and recover from illness more quickly.

While most are aware of the health benefits to elderly people, pets provide a real health boost to children as well. Associating with pets from a young age makes kids less vulnerable to allergic reactions.

As well as the physical benefits, pets also encourage owner socialisation. Walking the dog is a great way to go out and meet people at the local park or beach.

A pet is not just a ball of fun to have around. They can seriously benefit an owners health and well-being.