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How To Get Your Dog To Eat a Tablet With Vegemite

Dr Chris shows you how tablet time can be made a lot easier...

"Now tell me, does your pet hate taking tablets? I know what your thinking, us vets make it look so easy but here is a tip you can try at home that’s going to deliver that tablet to your without them even knowing about it.

First of all, grab your tablet, put it on top of a teaspoon there. Get the other teaspoon and just grind away. Once you’ve got that powder there, we’ve got to go to our complex set of ingredients – vegemite. Put it onto the teaspoon and just mix it up into a nice paste like so and that’s your tablet in disguise. Lets go find that pet.

So now it's treatment time, we’ve got our medication here and we are actually going to use a secret little spot not many people know about. It’s down the side of their lips here, between their lips and their teeth, put it in there and instead of them actually having to swallow it they just absorb it from the inside of their mouth, simple as that."