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Tips For Dealing With Pesky Parasites

Worms, fleas and illnesses can affect your puppy at any age. To prevent harm, pet owners must be vigilant with administering worming and flea treatments and make sure their little pooch is immunised against disease.

Dr. Melissa Meehan offers her tips for how to best care for your puppy...

Top Tips

  • Dogs can get worms at any stage of their lives and even be born with them or get them through their mother's milk so it is crucial to start worming treatments from a young age.
  • Treatment should occur every 3 weeks until puppies are 3 months of age, then every 3 months for life.
  • Chewable tablets are the best easy-to-swallow worming treatment for puppies.
  • Don't forget about heartworm that is spread by mosquitoes and can be fatal. It is best to see your vet about preventative treatments.
  • Fleas are another pesky problem that can affect your puppy at any stage. Treatment also needs to start from a young age. It is best to check packaging for correct dosage and treatment instructions. A once-a-month treatment for life should be adequate.
  • Puppies are also very vulnerable to a range of diseases so you need to ensure that your young pup has all of the correct immunisations.

Chat with your vet if you have any further worming or health concerns about your pet.