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Meet and Greet

Dog Trainer Basil Theofanides teaches dogs how to politely meet and greet their human and canine friends

“Hi guys welcome to your class today, now this is a meet and greet session. Meet and greet is a pretty important thing isn’t it? Really it teaches the dogs how they should behave. Now there are two types, meeting people and also greeting each other as dogs. So whose dog likes to jump on people every time they get greeted.

1) Meet and Greet

“First of all, as I approach I’m going to pat your dog under the chin but what you’re going to say to your dog is ‘leave’ in a firm voice. That’s a warning. Now if he jumps then what you will say is ‘no’ just as he jumps, remember it’s the timing. So it’s ‘no’ just as he tries to jump, pull him back and then say ‘sit’ you reinforce that command. Then praise him and then we will repeat that performance again.”

2) Leave and No

“So lets practice our voices first. What’s the first thing we say Georgina?”


“Leave, excellent in a nice firm voice. Excellent. Good work. If your dog jumps what do you say Anita?


“No that’s it in a growling voice. What else do you have to do with the ‘no’?

“Pull her back a bit and be firm.”

“So you pull her back, ‘no’ and then you reinforce the ‘sit’ command. So say sit in a firm voice.”

“Excellent. Okay Richard…”

“We finish by saying ‘good boy’.”

“You don’t growl at him Richard! It’s ‘good boy!’ ”

“Good boy!”

“That’s it, you’ve got it! Its ‘good boy! Well done.”

3) Meeting People

“Let’s give it a shot, I’m going to approach Georgina first. Just relax your leash a little bit and say ‘leave’ in a firm voice.

People should just pat their dog under the chin like this so the dog doesn’t feel threatened. Well done, excellent. Alright so let’s just sit Fergie up. If you can sit her just next to you Anita so she’s level with your left leg. Fergie, you’ve got your back towards me sweetheart don’t you like me? Now say ‘leave’ in a firm voice and praise. Excellent she did a good job how good’s that? Cured!

All set Richard. Just relax your leash slightly. That’s a good boy and praise. That’s okay if he wants to back away that’s not a problem.

Well-done guys. Now that’s a simple thing to do and that is how you should be doing it with everybody that wants to pat your dog. Don’t just let people just rush in and get the dog so hyped up because you’re trying to control these dogs. Excellent so let’s go to our next part which is actually meet and greet with other dogs”

4) Meeting Other Dogs

“This is a bit different. What you’re going to do is hold the leash like this, right hand through the loop the left hand about there so you’ve got control and you will do this, just a quick sniff, lets go, over to the next one, oh you’re back is to me again, over to here, lets go, well done and move off but if your dog tries to jump you say ‘no’ or ‘ah’ and if the dog responds ‘good boy’ and then continue on with the same exercise. So I want to demonstrate this now, can I use Billy for this? There you go Bill, come on mate, okay let’s go. Now no jumping say ‘no”, you say hello that’s it, lets go have a little sniff, good boy lets go. Good boy Billy! Anita your turn now I want you to go around and get Fergie over there to see Tom.

So its “lets go”, that’s it little sniff move on, back around over here to Billy and move on, no jumping.

Okay guys so good work today, the key points, again it’s really watching your dogs reaction, anticipating it is going to jump and don’t presume he’s not going to do it because he will. Going through those procedures of the voice, physical correction and then the praise afterwards and that’s your meet and greet.“