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How To Introduce a Puppy To a Cat

The ultimate showdown. But do they need to be enemies? Do they even know they are seen that way.

Dr. Mel shows you some ways your pets can get along...

"Can you have dogs and cats living together or in close proximity? These two aren’t special, it happens a lot and they can be best of friends. The thing is they don’t really know that they are enemies or meant to be. I think we’ve created that situation. They are both domesticated pets and why shouldn’t they be okay with each other?

The things cats do to dogs that you need to be very wary of is if you’re introducing a puppy into a cats home is cats have got great little weapons which are called claws. Those claws are very good at swiping dogs in the face and I have several times had to stitch up a dogs cornea because it's had a really big swipe in it and that can be vision threatening or cause blindness.

So that’s the only thing you have to do if you introduce a puppy, do it very slowly and make sure you give your cat lots of attention so that they don’t feel neglected because it can be easy for them to get their nose of joint, just like I think Buzz has his nose out of joint now. Do you want to go? Okay there you go."