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How To Rid Your Pet Of Fleas

These blood sucking instincts make comfortable homes on your cat or dog! Here's a few tips prevent a flea-invasion!

FACT! Fleas are a yearlong problem.

They can cause dermatitis, transmit tapeworm or bring about anaemia in puppies with a heavy infestation - here at we want to help pet owners prevent an unwanted guest overstaying their welcome on you cat or dog!

We asked Dr. Katrina Warren from Talk to the Animals to offer her top tips on how to prevent your dog from a flea invasion:

The fleas on your pet are surprisingly only 5% of the problem. The rest live in the environment as eggs and larvae just waiting to hatch and jump on the nearest animal.

Contrary to popular opinion, fleas are not just prevalent in summer. They actually breed year round and love to procreate in warmed up houses during the winter.

To prevent a ferocious flea infestation, houses need to be vacuumed regularly and pet bedding washed in boiling hot water.

Additionally, monthly spot-on flea treatments on all household pets should never be missed. The treatments can be purchased from pet stores.

As always, if you are unsure, ask your vet for advice on the right treatment for your dog or cat.