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Tips For Washing Your Dog

Does your dog hate having a wash? Is it impossible to keep them still?

Dr Mel's advice will save the day.

“Lets get you nice and dry. How often should you bath your dog? Well Teddy was a bit on the pong so I had to give him a bath but in theory you shouldn’t really have to bath them that often. That is unless your vet has prescribed a medicated shampoo.

If you over bath your dog you’re going to dry out their skin because they‘re not really designed to be having shampoo put through their coat all the time. If you do however have to get your dog wet and get shampoo in and around their body there are a few things you have to remember. First of all never, ever get water into their ears. The ears are an L shape, they go down and then in and then it’s really hard for water to come out once it goes in. So my general rule is wash in the bath up to the neck and then with the face and head just use a face washer that’s wet and has got some soap on it, baby shampoo if you’re going near the eyes, to wash the face and ears.

If you want to give the ears a little bit of rinse you can do so but just make sure you don’t get any water in there. Of course, always be careful you don’t get shampoo onto their eyes because that will cause a big mess. Otherwise just do it perhaps once a month or when they smell. What do you think of that?”