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Tips For Getting Your Dog To Take a Tablet With Cheese

Dogs are very sneaky when it comes to taking tablets. They can demolish an entire meal, yet carefully leave the little tablet at the bottom of the bowl.

Dr. Mel shows you the best way to get your dog to take their medication.

"Okay so it’s time for Teddy to have his tablet but he’s never going to take this – he’ll have it now but when he puts it in his mouth he will spit it out because its bitter without something accompanying it like this, which is a ball of cheese and he loves cheese.

The only thing to remember is that you have to give it in moderation like most other things. So just a little bit like this is perfect. So you have to have another piece ready to go as soon as you’ve given them the ball of cheese with the tablet in it.

We’re going to put our tablet in a ball of cheese, roll it in, squish it in like that so we’ve got our tablet hidden in our cheese. You’re going to have this, are you ready? Here is your second piece. There's no more! He’s had his tablet and he didn’t even know. The trick is to make sure that that first piece of cheese is swallowed straight away, no chewing, none of that because the tablet will come out, they will taste the bitterness and they will spit it out. Follow it with the second tasty bit of cheese, sound excited so that they are all ready to go and whammo it’s a good experience, they don’t suspect you and you can do it the next day and the next day. Can’t we Teddy? Then we make you better."