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Training To Be a Guard Dog

Is your dog embarrassing when someone knocks on the door? Then you need to try these simple tricks...

"If you have dog that barks when the front doorbell rings, like this one here, then what you need to do is decide do you want a dog that tells you or alerts you when there is someone loitering around or do you want them to be completely silent and non responsive, so you don’t want a guard dog.

If you decide that you want a guard dog that will bark until you say ‘it’s okay’ then what you need to do is train your dog to bark when they hear the doorbell or when they see someone is at the front door which they will naturally do anyway but then you need to tell them when to stop and that command could be ‘stop’, ‘it’s okay’, ‘I know these people’. And if you can train them to do those things then you will have a dog that just sits there and allows you to actually talk to the person through the door or invite them in without being attacked.

Teddy still has to learn these things but it’s going to take patience and time and then he will be the perfect guard dog. Yeah you will there is hope yet.”